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Cataclean on mission to get car owners through new-look MOT


The MOT rules have, once again, been tightened up and, with the average car on the road being around seven years old, many car and van owners are getting understandably nervous about whether they will pass the tougher emissions test.

William Jones from Cataclean, manufacturer of emissions-busting engine and fuel system cleaning products, said over time, deposits were likely to have had built up in the engine and getting through the new-look MOT will be much more difficult for many.

“When you consider that emissions of carbon dioxide fell 6% from 2015 to 2016, but transport emissions rose by 2%, the government’s motivation for wanting to crack down on vehicles that are emitting toxic gases is irrefutably a valid one.

“The problem is, however, many owners are unsure how to get their vehicles in the best possible health and bring their emissions right down before the new MOT.

“Many motorists are unaware of the benefits fuel additives can have, which is why we commissioned a trial with the RAC and fleet management firm ARI. This showed that a Cataclean treatment can bring down emissions by a massive 24%.”

The trial used diesel-fuelled Peugeot Partner vans in London, the study recorded the untreated emissions and fuel consumption over a four-week period. The same vehicles were then treated with Cataclean and subjected to a further four-week test under similar stop-start driving conditions and mileages.

The study concluded that NOx emissions dropped by 16%, CO emissions fell by 24% and hydrocarbons were reduced by 32%. Fuel economy also improved by 9.7%, while the estimated service life of the diesel particulate filters was increased by 1,344 miles to 124,224 miles.

“The results are compelling and we hope they serve as a call to action to those car and van owners who are concerned about the new MOT testing” said William.

To find out how to buy Cataclean, which is carried on the RAC’s fleet of breakdown patrols, visit

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