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Cataclean saves customer potential 1000 bill

I would’ve written a review, however I have no idea how to use the Interweb!!

The point being however, the engine light came on in my Jeep 5.7 Hemi the other day suggesting either a failed O2 sensor... I have 4 or a blocked catalytic converter... I have 2.

The potential repair cost in total could be £1,000. I said jokingly to my other half I’ll try a bottle of Cataclean, it only costs £12.95. I said to her there’s not a chance it’s going to do anything...

How wrong could I be? I added it today, drove 20 miles and turned the engine off.  When I restarted it, low and behold, the engine light had gone out and codes reset!

Thank you so much!




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