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Increase in motorists failing new MOT test

Increase in motorists failing new MOT test 1

Motorists may have underestimated the severity of the tough new MOT emissions test, say experts following news that failures have increased significantly since stricter rules arrived in May.

The number of diesel cars not passing their MOTs increased by 24 per cent in the three months since the MOT shake-up, according to the findings, while 12 per cent more petrol cars failed.

The research, carried out by Prestige Motor Warehouse, drew on data from 50 MOT stations across England, Scotland and Wales.

William Jones from Cataclean, engine and fuel system products manufacturer, said the likelihood of vehicles failing due to the tough emissions test as part of the new-look MOT was high.

“We conducted an independent survey with Halfords Autocentre before the new rules came in earlier this year and 12 per cent of motorists admitted their car emitted ‘visible smoke of any colour’. This would mean an automatic fail for diesels with a diesel particulate filter fitted as standard under the new criteria. Another 10 per cent were unsure whether their vehicle did or not.

“The sharp rise in diesels not getting through the MOT is more than likely to be the result of the tough emissions test, the severity of the criteria taking many by surprise. When you also consider that a significant 17 per cent of motorists told us back in April that they were unclear on the facts about transport emissions in general, it’s clear that more needs to be done to ensure motorists understand the bigger picture, as well as how the emissions test could put them off the road.”

According to Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy figures, UK emissions of carbon dioxide fell six percent from 2015 to 2016, but transport emissions rose by two percent.

Until 14th October, drivers using Cataclean to bring down their toxic fumes will get their money back if they fail the MOT on the emissions test in a promotion at Halfords stores across the UK.

From Aberdeen to Penzance and across Ireland, 250 of Halfords largest stores are running the exclusive promotion on petrol and diesel versions of the emissions-busting fuel additive.

Poured into the fuel tank, Cataclean differs from many other fuel additives in that it cleans, restores and protects the entire engine, fuel and exhaust system, blitzing resin and carbon deposits from fuel injectors, intake valves, DPF, catalytic converter and exhaust

April 2018 – 1,000 UK motorists – Survey Monkey (Cataclean and Halfords Autocentre)

  • 58% of drivers are unaware of the changes to the MOT rules in May
  • 31% are unsure if they will pass the new-look MOT
  • 12% say their car emits a ‘visible smoke of any colour’, an automatic fail
  • 10% are unsure if their car emits ‘visible smoke of any colour’
  • 27% are “very concerned” over rising transport emissions
  • 17% are unclear on the facts about transport emissions
  • 27% say lowering emissions is most important consideration for their vehicle
  • 61% say saving money is most important consideration for their vehicle

The Cataclean Money Back emissions guarantee, in association with Halfords stores, is running until 14th October 2018 - Full details here

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