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Moneyback guarantee at Halfords - Promotion back after 2018 success

Halfords moneyback guarantee

Drivers buying Cataclean at Halfords to bring down their vehicle’s toxic fumes will get their money back if they fail the MOT emissions test following the success of the same promotion last year.

Cataclean and Halfords are repeating the campaign at stores across the UK throughout September and into October. From Aberdeen to Penzance and across Ireland, 250 of Halfords largest stores are once again running the exclusive promotion on petrol and diesel versions of the emissions-busting fuel additive from 1st September until 13th October 2019.

William Jones from Cataclean said: “We were very confident that people would get the desired results from Cataclean during last year’s campaign with our longstanding partner, Halfords, but the promotion was such a huge success, we decided to run it again this year, giving Halfords’ customers their money back if they buy Cataclean in-store, use it in their vehicle and do not pass the MOT emissions test.

“With the climate change debate continuing to ramp up, we are proud to be playing our part in the war on toxic emissions and would encourage motorists to do so too.”

The Halfords promotion was launched on the back of an independent survey of 1,000 motorists commissioned by Cataclean and Halfords Autocentre, which asked if they would buy a ‘pour and go’ complete engine and fuel system cleaner if it would help them pass their MOT. Over 40% said yes, definitely, while nearly half (47%) said they were unsure, but were interested in knowing more.

Simply poured into the fuel tank, Cataclean differs from many other fuel additives in that it cleans, restores and protects the entire engine, fuel and exhaust system, blitzing resin and carbon deposits from fuel injectors, intake valves, DPF, catalytic converter and exhaust. Cutting emissions and increasing MPG and performance, it can save you money on replacing expensive parts down the line. 

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