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More than a third of drivers unsure they will pass new-look MOT

Unsure man

Nearly 60 percent of UK motorists are unaware that the MOT rules are changing in May, while over 30 percent are unsure they will pass the new-look test, a survey has found.

According to an independent poll, commissioned by Cataclean, manufacturer of engine and fuel system cleaning products, 12 percent of motorists also say their exhaust emits ‘visible smoke of any colour’, an automatic fail if their car is a diesel with a diesel particulate filter fitted as standard.

The survey of 1,000 car owners was conducted to establish whether motorists are ready for the changes in relation to the tougher, new emissions test, helping combat the fact that UK emissions of carbon dioxide from transport rose by two percent last year.

William Jones from Cataclean said: “The government’s motivation for cracking down on vehicles emitting toxic gases is, irrefutably, a valid one. However, 58 percent of motorists aren’t even aware that the rules are changing and might not know there are simple measures they can take to significantly reduce their emissions.

“By using Cataclean before a test, MOT testers can help customers bring down emissions by 24 percent, as proved in an independent trial.”


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