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New Clean Air Strategy does it pledge enough to drive down emissions?

Clean Air - Government changes

This week the government has unveiled what they call a "world leading" plan to tackle air pollution.

The Clean Air Strategy, in essence, is hopeful, promising to set a "bold new goal" to reduce Particulate Matter (PM) – identified as the most damaging for people by the World Health Organization (WHO) - across the UK by 2030.

The report, however, has provoked the ire of green groups. Condemning it for being vague, their beef, fundamentally, is that while the government has pledged that fine particulate concentrations will be reduced below the WHO safe level "across much of the country", they have not established exactly how they will meet this target.

With more than 40 cities and towns in the UK at, or exceeding, the WHO limit on air quality levels, green campaigners have also held the government up for failing to propose anything to tackle roadside dirty air.

Having lower car emissions nationwide has to be a priority here and it’s worth noting that councils are taking important steps off their own bat to drive down emissions across their towns and cities. While it’s largely pie in the sky at this stage, there are talks of giving taxi drivers a reduction in their licence fee if they cut emissions and at least the conversations are being had. No more heads in the sand.

From our perspective, the number of people out there looking for the best fuel additive*, particularly the best diesel fuel additive, to bring down their emissions is rising, particularly with the tough MOT emissions test now in play.

Ultimately, the government has pledged to set out how it will action its Clean Air Strategy in 2019, so we’ll be looking out for that. It’s also interesting to note that ministers say Brexit would allow the UK to go much further on this issue than the EU. They argue that the UK can become the first major economy to adopt air quality goals based on WHO recommendations. If this is true, much depends on how this week, and indeed the run up to March 29, pans out. Hopefully, not too much more toxic air.

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