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New member of Cataclean Racing Team

Cataclean Racing Steve

Cataclean sponsored racing driver Steve Cawsey is a 27 year old garage owner from Liverpool. He studied Motorsport engineering at Myerscough College before going to work at Prodrive Motorsport in Oxford as a composite technician within the motorsport division. He now runs a multi-tasking workshop repairing HGVs and building motorsport vehicles. 

Steve has been running a Proton Persona for the past year but has just upgraded to a Ford Motorsport built Ford Focus. He is looking to use New Brighton Promenade Stages to get a feel for the car before moving into a championship. Having been rally driving for fun for a few years, Steve is now look forward to progressing and competing, whilst also doing a bit of stunt driving/show driving/drifting at shows.

New Brighton Promenade Stages takes place friday the 7th and saturday the 8th. Friday night will be 2 floodlit stages on closed roads followed by 10 stages across Saturday. Its a pretty big spectator event with a rally village/fair and plenty of spectator points.



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