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Jordan, Facebook 26/06/2019 

Spot on as always. Chucked a bottle in the tank of the diesel fiesta before MOT and barely even registered anything on the smoke test. Lifelong customer here always :)

Alex,  Amazon 21/06/2019 /media/pages/library/amazonstars.png

Great product, I use this on both my cars, useful to add on the day of m.o.t and give the car a good drive before having emissions tested, can be used every few months to help keep fuel system clean.

Jja2643, Amazon, 14/06/2019 /media/pages/library/amazonstars.png

Spot on as always, highly recommended for any vehicle every 3 months. If you have a smokey diesel or failing MOT emissions (petrol or diesel version) this will get you through.

Tom, Email 14/06/2019

I have a TDI diesel. On the VCDS program, I observed that actual turbo boost, was drastically lagging behind specified boost. Actual boost seemed fixed at 989mlb. After putting two bottles of Cataclean in 1/2 tank of fuel, and running the car for about half an hour, I watched actual boost gradually increase to 1020mlb. Then after letting the car set a day or two, actual boost was reaching specified, only with a bit if lag. Finally, I tested exhaust back pressure, and it was so low it didn't even register on the gauge. Additionally, the car is running as smooth and quietly, as the day I bought it new. Thanks for a truly great product!!

Mike, Amazon, 31/03/2019 /media/pages/library/amazonstars.png

Purchased this after reading a lot of reviews and decided to use it. It certainly seems to have improved the performance in the engine,from ticking over smoothly to a feeling that the car is smoother through the gears. It went in for an MOT, a few days after adding it and the emissions test was no problem, and my car is 15 years old! I will definitely use it again.

Colin Wolfall, Email, 10/12/18

2001 ford transit t280 100 swb 153k
I have owned my van for 8 years, because of the age of it naturally it has always had issues with emissions fumes and the DPF. Over the years I have purchased a few different injector cleaning products to reduce the smoke, most of them have been the cheaper end of the product scale as I was told they all pretty much did the same job at £6-£10 range. As they all had little to no noticeable impact on emissions, I decided this month to purchase Cataclean. At £16.99 per bottle, not the cheapest in the range but I thought it was worth trying as the other products haven't worked. My 1st thoughts when I picked up a bottle of cataclean was how much more liquid you are getting for your money compared to the cheaper products. The instructions are not measured in percentages of liquid to fuel or how many millimetres per litre to have to add in to your tank... With cataclean you just simply add the whole bottle to 1/4 of a tank of fuel and your done! I shall repeat every 3 months as they suggest. Within the 1st 50 miles of driving there is a noticeable improvement in engine performance for such an old van! Fuel efficiency has gone up and the dreaded blue smoke has all but vanished!! Like with most things in life you get what you pay for, it’s Cataclean every time for me from now on, Great work guys ! 

Gerald R, American review /media/pages/library/amazonstars.png


I don't normally write about an auto supplies store. However my auto registration was to expire in September and I needed to have a smog test soon. Last April I went to have my Mitsubishi Montero Sport inspected. Due to the age of my car as expected one of the problems was the catalytic converter - the cancer when it comes to failing the smog inspection. So I watched YouTube videos on how to pass your smog test without spending a lot of money. Several videos mentioned the product Cataclean, which can help clean pass you smog test as it cleans your exhaust system by reducing the carbon build-up. You can buy this product at any auto parts store. I went to this AutoZone to buy Cataclean. Instead of paying $2,000 to have the catalytic converter fixed I only paid $25 for Cataclean. I followed the instructions on this product. Does it work? Yes not only did the "Service Engine Soon" light went away but also two days later after I used this product I had a smog test on my car and it passed. If I need any auto parts for my car AutoZone is my first shop to go.

Emerson Buckingham, Email

"My old truck went for its MOT last week and my fear of it failing with the new emissions went with it. I added Cataclean a week before the MOT.
Well I needn't have worried. It not only passed but the emissions were far lower than last year when I looked back at last year's certificate. 
Last year I hadn't used Cataclean yet but using it for the last 12 months as directed it has made my L200 so much better on emissions than even my mechanic expected. So another glowing review for a product that clearly works not only on fuel consumption but on the emissions as you say. Never had any doubt 😁

Nick Reynolds, Handwritten letter

"I normally put in Shell High Octane diesel into my Peugeot Expert before a council taxi test, followed by Cataclean. I did not put Shell in this time, but no matter, a bottle of Cataclean Diesel, a run down the road for 10 minutes and got a nice cloud of 'black smoke', test emissions results 'very good - nearly insignificant', from a tough tester. Cataclean - bloody marvellous!

All Wheels Service Centre, Thailand

A customer’s car came in to rectify a drop in the compression ratio, so we asked customer for permission to test Cataclean on the vehicle. Initially we applied Cataclean then ran at idle, we followed this with a shorter period at a higher speed, then left the vehicle for 1 hour. We then opened up the cylinder head to check the results. Normally, the combustion chamber and cylinder head will be covered with stubborn soot/carbon deposits, which we have to scrub continuously to remove. After Cataclean we simply had to wipe off with a rag...Amazing!!! We love it!.

Philip Balmer, Handwritten letter

"I just wanted to write in and say how impressed I am with Cataclean! My car is a Volvo S60 D5 and recently it had been feeling sluggish and although I had tried a couple of other cleaners, they didn't seem to make much of a difference. So I thought I would give Cataclean a go before I took it to the garage and I'm so pleased it did as it has made the car go as well as it used to almost immediately. I still have no idea what was wrong with it but whatever it was Cataclean fixed it. 

Ian Barkley /media/pages/library/amazonstars.png

My Saab 9 e 1.9 tid was running badly ... Lumpy and the mpg had dropped to 25.3!! Had wafts of black smoke from exhaust. 

Got some Cataclean and emptied it into my tank. Then I took the car out for a drive. I could tell it was smoother after about twenty miles. Got home and checked the mpg .. Up to 43 which it where it normally is. The power is back and it is showing me 44 mpg now, no black smoke and smooth running. I am very pleased and will order another for the three month treatment as recommended.

Gemma Coombs /media/pages/library/amazonstars.png

What an amazing product . My car failed it's MOT due to emmissions. I was told it would be cheaper to scrap the vehicle rather than get it fixed. I bought this product used it and took my car for a good run . I then went to another garage for a second opinion & it passed that mot without any problems. Would definitely recommend buying this product.

Gail Smith /media/pages/library/amazonstars.png

I am a courier and bought my latest van last November. I run it 6 days a week for an average of 8 hours a day and in that period I might turn it off 5 or 6 times so you can imagine how hard the engine is working. The van has been chucking out thick black smoke whenever you rev it a little to hard so I thought I'd give this product a go ( last van cost me two new converters ) I added the cataclean this morning and just left the van to idle for 20 minutes as I won't get round my routes on a quarter of a tank. Ran the van as normal all day and when I got back to the depot in the evening I put her in neutral and gave her a bit of a rev... and ... NO SIGN OF ANY BLACK SMOKE!! excellent product which I would recommend all day long.